The Mzansi Salad

By Kevin Fraser

Serves: 1 Hungry Person or 2 Peckish Persons


1 x Cup of Black Rice 

2 x Cans of Smoked Tuna (John West preferred)

1 x Avocado

5 x Baby Sweet Tomatoes

1 x Spring Onion

1 x Handful of Spinach 

15g Danish Feta

Balsamic Glaze



1. Bring the rice to the point of boiling. Cook for 5 mins and then drain the purple water, rinsing the rice, before adding more hot water to cook the black rice until you are satisfied. Black rice requires a rinse half way through cooking, so please just do so. Once cooked, cool rice down with cold water and set aside for a few minutes.

2. Chop the tomatoes. 

3. Chop the spring onion and separate it.

4. Mash the avocado and danish feta together.

*Add a little lime juice and a quarter teaspoon of basil pesto for added 'zzzzoooom'...

5. In a bowl, mix the rice and avocado mixture together well.

6. Add the tuna.

7. Add the tomatoes and spring onion. Mix well.

8. Grab a plate, lay out the spinach nicely.

9. Flip the bowl onto the plate and empty out the ingredients.

10. Glaze to garnish and enjoy!