Our Story

The world as we know it is changing and developing at a faster pace than some can handle.

Social Media and technology have trampled on our abilities to see the finer things in life.It has obscured our vision for something real and pure, continuously disconnecting us from what could be a beautiful reality; a lifestyle of infinite happiness and freedom.

The constant search for something more keeps us on the edges of our seats every day.

Deep inside we may feel like we can never quite get there because society has taught us different.

We are tired of pretentiousness.

We are tired of faking it.

We are tired of the lack in authenticity.

What if we looked into our souls and realized that we could free ourselves of that enemy.

What if we realized we could shine brighter than the sun. One moment.

For it might just be the last.

It is in this moment that all life and purpose makes sense and is worth every bit of

heart ache, every penny ever spent, every mistake ever made.

Imprinted in our minds are society's expectations for us to succeed in this sport;

to find what game it is that we need to play and compete in it to some sort of an end.

An obsessive, religious-like culture of supporters who worship a set of activities we are expected to endure.

For some of us though, we are born to be different.

We dare to be different.

For some of us, there are players who sport an edgier skill,

express creative freedom and are cast for a unique destiny altogether.

In this world lies a family of entertainment lovers and social butterflies who thrive off of a sport of their own.

We are the ones who exercise our minds, our bodies and our creative freedom on a different playing field.

We sweat just as hard

We play just as hard and when we win, we win big.

Our overnight success thrives off of a very long night.

This is the culture we've longed to be a part of.

This is the family of passionate performers.

This is the place where different is cool.

We don't forget what is real.

We don't dispose what is authentic.

We don't disregard life's purest moments.

This is the beat to which we dance.

This is the song to which we sing.

This is the game we play.

Live. Experience. Enjoy

Cream Kulture